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How popular are these holidays with the average Joe?  written: 060404, posted:060508
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Japanese K’s Qs:

”Hi everyone,  How are ya doing?  

As always, may I ask Qs on American traditional events? Thx. K

For April, we’ll have Earth Day, Passover, Secretary’s Day, and Arbor Day in addition to Easter, which is popular.  How popular are Earth Day, Passover, Secretary’s Day, and Arbor Day with the average Joe? 

In my opinion, Earth Day, Passover, Secretary’s Day, and Arbor Day are still not popular yet. My wild guess is that the average Joe would be familiar with these days in the following order: Passover, Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Secretary's Day.  What do you say?

Regarding Passover,  I often notice this day when I listen to the radio, watch TV news, or read newspaper, or from calendars.  I'm just guessing most Americans are Christians, so that they may learn of Passover at church.” 

Earth Day is probably popular with school students. I recall this: When Eric, who is one of our friends, was the student of U of M (University of Minnesota; people often call it U of M), he always participated in (or organized) an event at U of M, at which kids would understand Earth Day better.  Also, parks and nature centers often hold special events for kids on Earth Day.  As we have written our letter on this day, there are many cleanup events.

I usually notice Arbor Day only from the calendar. There are some events, which I notice; for example, the City of Oakdale adjacent to the city, where I live, gives away limited number of trees to the residents on a first come basis every year (I can’t get trees because I don’t live there).  Volunteers, such as people from schools, churches, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and plant nurseries in the city also plant trees for the city as an annual event.  I think Oakdale City’s activities on Arbor Day are great.  Note: In my view, Arbor Day is part of Earth Day.   

Usually I’m not aware of Secretary’s Day (Administrative Professionals' Day).  However, a sign saying Administrative Professionals' Day, in a floral store where I happen to go a week before the Day or so, reminds me of the Day.  Also, I notice the Day since I see many flowers (sometimes with cards) from mostly their bosses on secretaries’ desks.”  060405

American H’s view:

“For me, not a young person anymore, the order is:

1) Passover
2) Arbor Day
3) Secretaries' Day
4) Earth Day

However, for kids and young adults, I think Earth Day is probably further up the list.

1) Earth Day
2) Arbor Day
3) Passover or Secretaries' Day
4) Passover or Secretaries' Day

I think Secretaries' Day is on its way out, since they're now called administrative assistants.  Also, in the past, many women in the workplace were secretaries.  Now they often are in positions of authority.

Regarding Passover, I think you are right.  It is really a Jewish holiday, but Christianity is heavily based on Judaism.  I think it is still an important holiday for Jews.” 060409

American M’s View:

“Secretary's day is probably the most popular and well known but it is still not that popular. Even though there are a lot of Christians in the US, I think there are much fewer practicing Christians (go to church regularly). So even though most people have heard of Passover, they probably do not know much about it.”       060405 

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