*On three!     One, Two, Three. 
(texts: August 16, 2002, sounds: August 20, 2002)
* On three!     One, Two, Three ”1、2、の3、で行くよ!”  ”””””” 

When two or more people want to do something in unison, such as lifting a heavy object, they say, “On three!  One, Two, Three.”  On the last word, “Three”, everyone will lift the object.  

二人以上で一緒に力を合わせたい時、例えば、重い物を皆で持ち上げる時、“On three!  One, Two, Three”  ”1、2、の3、で行くよ!”  ””””””)  最後の言葉、””で皆がその重い物を一緒に持ち上げます。  

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"On Three! One, Two, Three."
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