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3664 131004  "Greatest Magicians"  Top Ten Magicians of the 20th Century - 
Criss Angel Walks on Water - YouTube  gnoix, 06/09/2006
Top Ten Magicians of All Time  (Wayne Kawamoto, Guide, 09/19/2006)
10 Greatest Magicians of All Time < >

8974 150410  Working magic with the iPad  Deutsche Welle, 04/06/2015

8818 150324 
Israeli Magician Performs Illusion — Not Trick – For Bystanders - AOL On

2707 130723  Magic  Magician Scares People With Half-Man Trick  (eyeOpener, AOL)

2534 130712  Dynamo magician flying(lévitation)2012-2013 - YouTube    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Geography of Brazil - Map of Brazil -

2489 130709  Magician Dynamo  Dynamo walking on water - full video HD - YouTube broken link
God in Disguise - YouTube  includes Dynamo walking on water  03/24/2015

2456 130706  Magician Dynamo  Pepsi Max & Dynamo present Bus Levitation #LiveForNow - YouTube  video from Janet
Magician 'Levitates' Alongside Double-decker Bus As it Tours London  - The streets of London were abuzz recently when the magician Dynamo, appeared to levitate alongside an iconic red bus...    London, England



10536 151207     December 7, 1805    Happy birthday Robert Houdin!   
Robert Houdin - Magician -
Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin - Wikipedia  December 7, 1805 – June 13, 1871, a French magician. He is widely considered the father of the modern style of conjuring.    
Robert-Houdin's Marvelous Orange Tree - YouTube
ROBERT-HOUDIN, Une vie de Magicien - A Magician's Life - YouTube

born March 24, 1874    Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini - Straight Jacket Escape - YouTube

How Houdini DIED (in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 108 - YouTube
Harry Houdini - Wikipedia  March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926, a Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his sensational escape acts. ...  Harry Houdini, videos
Hungary  |  Wisconsin  |  New York

15113 190122  Shocking Magician Took Amanda's Bra!!! - YouTube
Christian Lee Audition | Britain's Got Talent

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