Summer Solstice  -  USA vs. Japan

Q: Here in the US, the Summer Solstice is the official first day of Summer*.  Are there any topics or special events related to the Summer Solstice? 

A: I can't really think of anything for that day. I often even totally forget about the first day of Summer. Usually if I do remember it is because someone at work mentions it or I happen to see the day mentioned on the calendar.

Note:  Although most Japanese calendars mark Summer Solstice like American calendars, I can’t think of any events for this day in Japan, either. We call Summer Solstice “Geshi”, in Japanese, which literally means “The Summer is arriving”.  Hmmm…now I know.  “Geshi” means Summer’s first day, doesn’t it? Silly me!  J

First Day of Summer: The Summer Solstice (Almanac)
Summer solstice (Wikipedia)

Summer Solstice 2012: Longest day of year - how does daylight compare around the world? (Washington Post)  | Why It's the Longest Day of the Year (National Geographic)  |  Summer Solstice: 8 modern celebrations of the sun (mother nature network)  ---  Google | Summer solstice celebrated at Stonehenge (Telegraph) | Summer Solstice 2012: Astro-Science & Pagan Ritual (Surfersvillage)

Swedish Midsommar Festival (photos)

2271 130621  June 21, 2013  Summer Solstice  Summer solstice 2013 Northern Hemisphere’s longest day, highest sun of the year  (Washington Post)
Summer solstice midnight sun at Eagle Summit, Alaska (21-22 June 2010) - YouTube
Arctic Midnight Sun - YouTube  |  Map of the Arctic - Facts about the Arctic and the Arctic Circle - World Atlas

6423 140621    June 21, 2014    First Day of Summer (Summer Solstice) occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, while Winter Solstice, in the  Southern Hemisphere.
夏至:夏の始まり  Summer Solstice   Letter 70レター 70  Summer Begins in North Hemisphere
Summer solstice - Wikipedia

8707 150310  USA Locations for Sunrise Sunset Calendar  SunriseSunset
Predefined Locations for Sunrise Sunset Calendar
For example, Minneapolis, Minnesota: March 10, 2015  Sunrise: 7:36, a.m., Sunset: 7:11 p.m., Day length: 11h 35 m
Duration of Daylight-Darkness Table for One Year  The United States Naval Observatory (USNO)
Daylight or Darkness Duration Table for One Year   USNO:  Minneapolis, Minnesota - Duration of Daylight: 
Winter Solstice: 8h 46m, Summer Solstice: 15h 37m
Day length - Wikipedia

Daylight - Wikipedia

March 8, 2015  Daylight Saving Time  Daylight Saving Time Begins ( 2nd Sun. in March)  夏時間スタート

9493 150620-0621  Thousands gather at Stonehenge for summer solstice - YouTube  Reuters, 06/212015
What Is the Summer Solstice? Explaining the Longest Day of the Year | TIME

June 21, 2015  夏至:夏の始まり  Summer Solstice  
Letter 70レター 70  Summer Begins in North Hemisphere
Rings and Seasons of Saturn  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  June 21, 2015
Saturn's northern summer solstice

12887 170621  Summer solstice 2017: Stonehenge crowds as sun rises - BBC News
Watching the sun rise at Stonehenge - BBC News
June 20, 2017  Summer Solstice

15617 190630  Yakutsk, Siberia: How to celebrate summer in the world’s coldest city  National Geographic, June 2019
Outside, when the -45 degrees Celsius. Yakutsk (Republiс Sakha (Yakutia)) 当街道霜冻为-45度 - YouTube
Yakutsk - Wikipedia
Visiting the coldest town in the world - Chilling Out 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube 
Oymyakon - Wikipedia
Ethnic groups in Russia - Wikipedia
Indigenous peoples of Siberia - Wikipedia
Siberia - Wikipedia
Summer Solstice 

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