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Hunting Seasons | Info on Hunting Seasons: 2009 Harvest and Hunters ハンテイングシーズン:2009 Harvest(しとめた数) and Hunters(ハンターの数)の情報

Hunters           Firearms Deer Hunting | Archery Deer Hunting

Trappers         Animal Trapping (beavers, foxes, minks, muskrats, opossums, otters, raccoons,

Hawks and Falconers from the Game Fair 2006

8699 150309  Deer Hunting  Hunter Dean shot a doe (female deer)  2014 - photo from 2014 Wisconsin Gun Deer Hunting 2014
Opening day of Wisconsin Gun Deer hunt 2014 - YouTube
WI 2014 Deer Hunting Gun Opener Buck! - YouTube

Hunters           Firearms Deer Hunting | Archery Deer Hunting  |  Sportsmen
8692 150308      Winter Fun    Photos: Hunting & Trapping
Deer Hunting 2014 - YouTube
The most AMAZING Deer Hunting Video EVER!!! HD - YouTube
15-Yard Files
: Female Bowhunter Stares Down Giant Bull Elk at 4 Yards - YouTube
Hunters           Firearms Deer Hunting | Archery Deer Hunting
Trappers         Animal Trapping (beavers, foxes, minks, muskrats, opossums, otters, raccoons, skunks)
Winter Fun photos

8582 150223   Abu Dhabi Falconers Use Drones To Train Their Birds | Popular Science  02/20/2015
Photos:  Falconers  |  Game Fair  |  Sportsmen  |  Bir

8024 141220 
Wolf Hunting Banned In Minnesota CBS Minnesota  12/19/2014  -  ... "The order affects wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, ..."  -   
Great Lakes wolves ordered returned to endangered list | Minnesota Public Radio News  Dan Kraker, 12/19/2014
Information Resources: Pioneer Press
Wolf hunting and Trapping | Minnesota DNR
Sportsmen  | 
Wild Science Center (Wolves)  |  Conservation

7771 141119  Eva Shockey responds to critics of bear hunt -  Peter Thomas, 11/18/2014
Eva Shockey - Wikipedia  a Canadian hunter

7598 141101  Hunting and Trapping Seasons - Minnesota DNR 

7597 141101  "Hmmm... Can you hunt swans? We didn't know that."  Tribes begin two-month swan hunting season - with limitations -  Dave Orrick, 10/31/2014
swan hunting states  Google search
On Cooking Swans - Hunter Angler Gardener Cook  -  ... 
If I happened to be in Utah, Nevada, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Virginia or North Carolina during the season, sure, Id apply for a tag.  ...  -  Hank Shaw, 12/30/2013  Tundra swans are legal game in six states
our Swan photos

3261 130903  'We chased him for about two hours' Mississippi hunters catch record-breaking 'gators  (NBC, MSN)
MDWFP (Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks) - Alligator Program - A
lligator Hunting Season   "We didn't know one can hunt alligators."
our Alligator photo page  |  Gator on a stick from MN Renaissance Festival


9839 150803-0804  Beyond Cecil the Lion Trophy-Hunting Industry in Africa Explained - ABC News  GMA, 07/31/2015
What is WWF's position on trophy hunting - WWF UK - wwf trophy hunting, wwf hunting, wwf hunt, trophy, illegal hunting 08/01/2014
World Wide Fund for Nature - Wikipedia  (WWF)
Killing of Cecil the Lion Sparks Debate Over Trophy Hunts
  National Geographic, 07/28/2015
Hunters in Africa say they have a role in conservation - US News  AP, 08/03/2015

Why did Cecil the lion die? What you should know about trophy hunting
  PBS, 08/01/2015
Trophy hunting - Wikipedia

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