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   (So Cool!)   Wildlife   ワイルドライフ

Archery Deer Hunting Season opened today, September 17, 2011 アーチェリー デイヤーハンテイング シーズン始まる Hunting and Trapping Seasons  |  Archery Deer Hunt photos | Eight Point Bow Hunt Deer Hunting video (むごいですが、これが、アーチェリー デイヤーハンテイング。矢の先端を見ると怖いですね)
Green Stuff
PedalPub video  100522   ペダルパブ ビデオ   For more info on PedalPub, click here この車、ビールを飲むと同時に、運動が出来ます;オランダで発明

July 7th - 14th  Bull Running during the Annual San Fermin Feria at Pamplona, Spain  Video  1  |  2  |  3  |  Bull Running in Pamplona photos  ブル(雄牛)ランニング
What did Ernest Hemingway write about the Pamplona Bull Run & Bullfighting? | Bull Running | Spain Culture |

Annual Mud Day, Westland, Michigan (MI) 0708 Photos | Video 泥遊びの日
Mud Day photos | Mud Day 2011 photos | Mud Day 2011 video  June 29, 2011 

Aircraft: Hot Air Balloon 熱気球 Blimp 軟式飛行船, The Farmers Airship (The Largest Airship on the Planet) 世界最大の飛行船


ALIENS MAKE CROP CIRCLES, BEST EVIDENCE EVER - Cosmic Wakening (Interesting Video) | Crop Circles | Crop Circles 2011 photos  ミステリー・サークル     Oregon Physicist -- Crop Circles Go High Tech |

New Stuff

+ JetLev-Flyer Water Jet Pack (video*) |   February 2011 

+ Man Flies with Jet Powered Wings
Swiss 'Fusion Man' Flies Over the Alps With Jet-Propelled Wings  080515   Videos 1  | 

Event  Halloween, Black Friday Shopping*, X-mas Tree Lighting*,
Axe Throwing Competition*


Civil Rights

Martin Luther King. Jr. Mall photos | Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech videos (August 28, 1963, Washington, D.C.) :   1   For more info on Martine Luther King, Jr. Mall, check out this page.

+ 091109 "We Hear" on KTLK (FOX News) Berlin Wall's Fall: Berlin Wall collapsed 20 years ago today Berlin, Germany (November 9, 1989) | Berlin celebrates night that changed world | Recently We Often Hear” on the radio   Check out this Video “Mr. Gorbachev, Open This Wall! … Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall” by President Ronald Reagan (1987)

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