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Tornado Spring - Summer? 竜巻
110427 Severe storms (powerful tornadoes) to hit Midwest, South (110426): How to help tornado victims in the South
Tuscaloosa Tornado, Alabama, 11427 Tornado Video  1  |  2
110522 The Blue Heron Rookery at North Mississippi Park, was destroyed by Sunday's Tornado | Star Tribune Rockery Photos  竜巻のため、Blue Heronのコロニー破壊される   Photo:  1  Tornado destroyed the rookery |  2  Fallen Trees on the Trail  |  3 Fallen Trees on the Trail | See the rookery before the tornado hit

15438 190424  Tornado flattens towns in Louisiana and Mississippi - HISTORY  April 24, 1908
The Purvis Tornado of 1908 (Purvis, MS) - YouTube
Louisiana  |  Mississippi
These States Have Had the Most Violent Tornadoes Since 1950 - The Weather Channel
List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks - Wikipedia
The Star/Meteorologists say `Twister' is exciting, but distorts reality
Twister (1-5) Movie CLIP - Hide and Seek (1996) HD - YouTube

Weather (Tornado)  

2848 130731  Incredible footage of massive waterspout  video on CNN
Waterspout - Wikipedia

2687 130722  A Waterspout in Florida  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA July 17, 2013 

Northern Lights in Minnesota  オーロラ
3695 131006  Northern lights put on show over Minnesota  (video on Washington Post, St Cloud, MN, 10/02/2013, 5:02 PM EDT, AP)
8537 150217  Aurora on Ice  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  February 13, 2015, Iceland
Sun Halo photo  |  Astronomy

Earthquake 地震
9097 150426   Nepal Earthquake: Everest Survivor Describes 'Clinging to a Tree' During Violent Shaking - ABC News  04/26/2015
NZ Get Thru - What To Do In An Earthquake - YouTube
What to do during an Earthquake FINAL - YouTube
Earthquakes 101 - YouTube
How Earthquakes Work - YouTube

11169 160418  Ecuador earthquake: at least 272 killed with many still trapped - The Guardian
Richter magnitude scale - Wikipedia

11158 160416  from Explore Japan Info
32 new fatalities as more quakes hit Kyushu; 900 or so injured:The Asahi Shimbun
Large road bridge collapses as new quake hits Kumamoto:The Asahi Shimbun
Kumamoto earthquakes continue Japan - NHK WORLD English - YouTube
Quake halts train services, cuts power in Kumamoto:The Asahi Shimbun  - A Shinkansen bullet train carrying no passengers derailed about 1.3 kilometers south of JR Kumamoto Station following the powerful earthquake...
2016 Kumamoto earthquakes - Wikipedia
Why Do So Many Earthquakes Strike Japan? - Yahoo
Earthquakes in Japan - Wikipedia
List of earthquakes in Japan - Wikipedia

Tsunami  津波


Lightning  -  Storm Chasing photographed by Carsten Peter (National Geographic)    稲妻
2918 130805  "Health Notes"  11 Surprising Effects of Being Struck by Lightning - SKYE on AOL
2863 130801  Watch Brothers Snap Pic Before Being Struck by Lightning - SKYE on AOL
Photos Lightning Strikes Around the World - SKYE on AOL


7520 141024  Windiest places in the US  MSN Weather
The Best States for Wind Power  Mother Erath News, Megan Phelps, 09/02/2009

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