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13436 171021  NOAA Predicts Warmer-Than-Average Winter For Most of U.S.  Popular Mechanics, 10/20/2017

7159 140912  Parts of South Dakota are buried under eight inches of snow  AOL, Ryan Gorman, 09/11/2014
South Dakota

3673 131005  "Sign of Winter"  Heavy snow slams west-central U.S.  (Chicago Tribune, 10/05/2013, Reuters)  over 3 feet of snow in South Dakota

Alaskan Moondogs  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA   January 26, 2013

A Sun Pillar Over Sweden (if you can't reach the page, Right Click > Refresh) "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA December 18, 2012     Sweden       


Snow covers
Lake Phalen - Frozen Lake Phalen in an interesting way: Photo  1  Snow partially covers |  2  Ice Fishing    December 25, 2011   湖の氷の上に形成された興味ある積雪のパターン

8722 150312  Why We Need More Snow  Popular Mechanics, 03/11/2015
Weather  |  Climate Change  |  Snowflakes Up Close and Personal  | 

1  Ice begins to form  121027-1028

Bubbles under the thin ice    111112


4495 131225  Ice storm hits Toronto, much of Eastern Canada - The Washington Post  photos 12/23/2013
ice storms - Bing Images
Ice storm - Wikipedia
Winter storm - Wikipedia

Window Frost

4840 140124  Massive Pileup on I-94 Kills 3, More Than 20 Hurt - ABC News  (ABC News, AP, 01/24/2014)
whiteout weather - Bing Images
4631 140104  Out of the blizzard, into the icebox; low temperature records may be shattered - U.S. News  (NBC, Erik Ortiz and Elisha Fieldstadt, 01/04/2013)

4622 140103  Dayton closes schools as Minnesota braces for dangerous cold spell  (St. Cloud times, 01/03/2014)
Press Release - Governor Dayton Announces Minnesota Public Schools Will Be Closed Monday + Cold Weather Safety Tips  (State of Minnesota, 01/03/2014)
Gov. Dayton cancels school statewide in Minnesota on Monday due to extreme cold Star Tribune - (Star Tribune, Kim McGuire and Rachel E. Stassen-Berger, Star Tribune staff Writers, 01/03/2014)
Weather | Minneapolis and St. Paul | kare11.com
Coldest Arctic Outbreak in Midwest Since the 1990s; East, South to Shiver Also  (Weather Channel, Jon Erdman, 01/03/2014)
National and Local Weather Forecast, Hurricane, Radar and Report
our Minnesota Winter photo page

Sub-Zero Temperatures

4562 131230  Sunday, December 29, 2013  Today it's really cold. Temperatures High / Low: ( 1 / - 11 F) ( -17 / -24 C)  St. Paul Weather Forecasts Maps News - Yahoo! Weather
Window frost forms.  Guide to Frost  |  our Weather page
We can't see any birds at the feeding station of the Maplewood Nature Center late in the afternoon. We think that it's too cold for them to come out of their winter shelters. We saw only a gray squirrel raiding one of the bird feeders as we approached the station. We sometimes offer bird seed and corn to wildlife at feeding stations.
How Chickadees Weather Winter  (National Wildlife Federation, George H. Harrison, 12/01/2007)
our Chickadee photo page  |  Nature photo page

Frost on Oak Leaves:  1   |  2   (Up-close)     October 29, 2011    ネーチャーウォーク:ナラの葉に霜が降りる

Winter Wonderland
Photo:  1  /  2  / 
3   2011 First Snow Accumulation 'Winter Wonderland'
Photo:  5  Winter Wonderland:  a  |  b   101229

Rime (Hoarfrost) on Trees        Truly Amazing!    きれいな樹氷

Sublimation (ice and snow turn directly into water vapor):  1  |          雪や氷からの昇華
8632 150228  "Sublimation"  Disappearing Snow Trick - YouTube
Snow Sublimation - YouTube

8628 150228 
Frozen waves captured in Nantucket surf photos - GrindTV.com  Massachusetts, 02/26/2015
America  |  Massachusetts  |  Weather Winter  |  Frozen Water Falls

4905 140130  What are snow rollers? Weird weather phenomenon sweeps Midwest  (NY Daily News, Tracy Miller, 01/28/2014)  Snow rollers, also known as 'snow donuts,' 'snow logs' or 'snow bales'

"We've never seen snow rollers."

4991 140207  Coldest winter in three decades -- and counting  (Chicago Tribune, Staff report and WGN-TV, 02/07/2014)

5066 140215  Janet, one of our friends, living in the Twin Cities area, told us, "I've been hearing these sounds for a while. Very weird."  MYSTERY HOWL What caused haunting St. Paul sounds - KMSP-TV  (Fox9 News, Shelby Capacio, video by Karen Scullin "Sounds of Spring", 02/13/2014)  "Janet, that sound is weird as you're saying. We've never heard that sound. Thanks for that video info."

5065 140215  Mysterious Noises Traced To Rare 'Frost Quakes' In Several States (VIDEO) News Headlines & Global News  (HNGN, Rida Ahmed, 02/06/2014)
Strange booming noises mystify Vt. residents  New England and Canada, 12/31/2013
News - Hear a loud boom in the night It may have been a rare 'frost quake' - The Weather Network  01/03/2014, Canada
Frost quakes cause strange sounds, light flashes in frigid Midwest  (CS Monitor, Jim Salter - Associated Press, 02/06/2014)
Cracking ice-sheets sound like Star Wars blasters  (BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow, 01/17/2010)  audio
Cryoseisms (Frost quake) Criosismos (Temblores por congelamiento) - YouTube   "frost quake sounds"

5080 140216  Brutal winter has cost the country $50 billion so far  (AOL, 02/14/2014)

5535 140402  Editorial: Asking for potholes  - The pothole problem is not just winter's fault  (Chicago Tribune, 04/02/2014)
5149 140223 
Editorial: Pothole season is upon us  (Chicago Tribune, 02/23/2014)
potholes - Bing Images
Pothole - Wikipedia

5309 140310  Big freeze means changed landscape on Great Lakes  (LA Times, John M. Glionna, 03/09/2014)

Ice caves in northern Wisconsin are dazzling winter phenomena
  (LA Times)
Weather: Winter page  |  Minnesota Winter page  |  Ice Castles @ Mall of America

8993 150412  Sentinels of the Arctic  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  April 12, 2015    Finnish Lapland, a "Belt of Venus"
The Belt of Venus over the Valley of the Moon  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  April 4, 2010    northern California
Astronomy  | 

9790 150728  Strengthening El Nino good for U.S. and China, bad for Peru and Australia | The Japan Times  AP, 07/28/2015
What are El Nio and La Nia?  National Ocean Service

10762 160124  Winter Storm Jonas: Deadly System Buries East Coast (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel

11867 161107  Basketball-sized snowballs appear on Russian beach in Siberia - largest of the naturally formed snowballs measured nearly 3 feet across -  Mashable

13802 180109  Rare snowfall blankets Sahara dunes  with a video, France24, Jan. 9, 2018
According to Algerian media,
this is only the fourth time snow has fallen there in 37 years*
* La neige tombe An Sefra pour la 4e fois en 37 ans (Photos) TSA
Rare snowfall hits the Sahara Desert - ABC News


15138 190131  Videos: Remembering The Great Snow Squall Of 2019 - Gothamist  Jan. 30, 2019
Insane snow squall timelapse at TWN studios! - YouTube
Snowsquall - Wikipedia
Whiteout (weather) - Wikipedia
'Frost quakes' may be hitting Chicago as temperature drops to record-breaking lows - CNN  Jan. 31, 2019

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